Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Family Music Making with a Sounds Good Westchester Gift Certificate.  

We'll email a gift certificate to you or to your recipient in PDF format, or we can mail the certificate via USPS to a specified address.  Your gift recipient can use their certificate towards any upcoming semester with no expiration date.

If you'd like to receive a gift certificate for yourself, feel free to forward this information to grandparents, or to anyone who wants to give a battery-free, clutter-free family gift.  (Note to grandparents -- we LOVE having grandparents in our classes!  You can register with your grandchild, or you can give the certificate as a gift and join us as a visitor at any time).

When purchasing the gift certificate, choose the amount you'd like to give, and then give us the following information in the "Comments" Box:

1.  Who is the recipient?  This name will go on the recipient line of the certificate.

2.  How should we deliver the certificate -- Postal mail or Email?

3.  Address (either postal or email) for delivery.

4.  Who is the gift certificate from (i.e. "Nana and Papa")

5.  Any personalized message you would like to include!

Gift certificates have no cash value.

Should the amount of the certificate exceed the tuition, the recipient will receive credit towards a future class.

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$ 25.00